You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Q:  Are Jr. High and Sr. High all together?

A:  Yes & No. We are 2 ministries under 1 ministry umbrella. Our Jr. High Ministry (grades 6-8), Sr. High Ministry (grades 9-12), and College/Career Ministry do a lot of their own things, but we will also do some things together! Let me explain…On Sunday mornings, we have 3 separate Sunday School Classes (grades 6-8 or “IROCC6-8”), (grades 9-12 or “IROCC9-12”) and (College/Career or “Lion Chasers”). On Sunday nights, we have 2 AWANA classes (grades 6-8 “Trek”) and (grades 9-college/career “Journey”). On Wednesday nights, we are all engaging God’s Word together as “ENCOUNTER”. Most of our events even have separate Sr. High and Jr. High events, happening at the same time. We have seen several younger youth impacted by the positive influence of the older youth and we don’t want to take that away. So….yes, Jr. High and Sr. High are together in some cases….AND no, they are not together in most cases. 2 ministries – 1 ministry umbrella.

Q:  What all do you do on Wednesday night?
A:  Well….a lot actually! There are several elements that take place during our time @ ENCOUNTER on Wednesday nights.

1.  GETTING ACQUAINTED: We have some time @ the beginning where we play some “Get-To-Know” games, or some mixers to get people interacting with each other.

2.  MIDWEEK MOMENT: We also have some video/commercial that we watch every week to get the smiles up & going.

3.  SCRIPTURE MEMORY: Every month we adopt a Memory Verse to learn. We say the verse together every week, and gradually take away the words. So, at the end of the month, we have a verse that we have committed to memory (mostly a verse connected to the Sermon Series @ the time).

4.  PRAISE TIME: We have some pretty incredible youth praise music.

5.  SERMONS: Each week, we have a sermon walking through the Series at that time. All the sermons will have an outline.

6.  ANNOUNCEMENTS: Every week we try to keep the youth up to speed on everything going on within the life of the YOUTH ministry and the life of FBC as a whole.

Q:  Do you do anything for Scripture Memory?
A:  Yes we do. Every month we adopt a Scripture passage to memorize through Wednesday night ENCOUNTER. We choose a verse that ties in with the Sermon Series for that time.Also, various Table Groups (on Sunday morning) & AWANA Groups (on Sunday night) adopt a specific Scripture Memory system for their groups.

Q:  Do you do anything for Missions?
A:  Absolutely! First Baptist as a church is a Missions-Minded church. As a ministry of FBC, we are a Missions-Minded Youth Ministry. In Acts 1:8, Jesus tells us that we WILL BE His witnesses @ Home, in our Homeland, and overseas.

1:  @ HOME: Every year during our “YOUTH EXPLOSION WEEK”(biggest event of the year for us), we have a big Jerusalem service project. Our whole group gores out and serves our community in a variety of ways. We also serve local groups and specific ministries at various times of need throughout the year.

2:  HOMELAND: Every year we embark on a Judean Ministry trip to serve somewhere in the United States. We have served in various ministries all over the South painting houses, doing community Bible clubs, helping widows, feeding the homeless, and much, much more.

3:  Mission teams serving overseas. FBC Youth will have an opportunity to joing one of several trips. Scholarships are available through “The Covington Baptist Association”.

Q:  Do you do anything fun?
A:  Oh YES! When it’s time to serve…we serve (which is fun too). When it’s time to have fun…we have some fun!! Every month we have some sort of monthly fellowship. We also have some major Annual Events – such as BEACH RETREAT, The Lake Jackson Bowl (gigantic flag football game in the fall), SAV-A-LIFE SPENDING SPREE, Video SCAVENGER HUNT, HAYRIDE/BONFIRE, Summer Activities (including a 100 foot slip-n-slide) and so much more!We believe we are here to meet Jesus & grow in a relationship with Him. We believe that Jesus enjoyed life, and calls us to as well. Enjoying each other and providing a safe environment for youth to have fun is a big part of what we do here at First Baptist.